Directing and Production

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Directing (Theatre)

The Life of Us / Assistant Director / Dir. Neil Gooding; Hayes Theatre Company

H.M.S Pinafore / Director's Observer / Dir. Kate Gaul; Hayes Theatre Company

Legally Blonde / Director / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions (Nominated for Broadway World Sydney Regional Awards Best Director 2018) 

Mamma Mia! / Co-Director / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions

Shrek: The Musical / Co-Director / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions (Nominated for Broadway World Sydney Regional Awards Best Director 2018) 

Bitch / Co-Director / Tunks Productions

Miss Saigon / Assistant Director / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions - Dir. Neil Gooding & Ylaria Rogers 

Fame / Assistant Director / Birdie Productions - Dir. Jordan Vassallo

Cats / Assistant Director / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Youth Productions - Dir. Craig Stewart

Wicked: The Musical / Assistant Director / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions - Dir. Neil Gooding

One Punch / Writer and Director / Short and Sweet (Top 80) 1st Place, Judge’s Choice; 2nd Place, People’s Choice 

Elements Inc. (10 min play) / Writer and Director / Short & Sweet (Top 80)

Creative Team

Mamma Mia! / Props Co-Ordinator / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions

Into the Woods / Props Co-Ordinator / Bloom Creative Productions

Jesus Christ Superstar / Props Co-Ordinator / Riverside Theatres Main Stage; Packemin Productions

The Winner Bakes It All / Producer / Sharp Short Theatre - Best Group Devised Work & Best Performer

Short Film

Caramella Island / Mentor / Finalist Trop Jr – Abbschool Production

7 Minutes: Your Need to Know News / Mentor / Trop Jr – Abbschool Production

The JUMP Club / Mentor​/ Trop Jr – Abbschool Production

Through a Fly’s Eye / Mentor / Trop Jr – Abbschool Production

Eva Rinaldi: Children in Poverty / Camera, Editor / Documentary: The Aurora Channel

Friend Request / Writer, Producer, Assist Director, Editor  

Rabbit Carrot Gun / Writer, Producer, Director, Editor​

Infinity / Writer, Producer, Director, Editor​

Millisecond / Runner​/ Directed by Dana-Lee Mierowsky

For Our Children / Editor / Music video clip 


North Sydney Tafe: Certificate III in Media (Production)

Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS): Prop Making & Scenic Art Intensive

National Theatre of Parramatta (NTofP) From Page to Stage Weekend Intensive

International Screen Academy (ISA): The Two Day Film School with Dov Simens

International Screen Academy (ISA): Film, Acting & Animation Workshop

International Screen Academy (ISA): The Hero’s Journey

Digi Ed: Digital Animation Inservice (Claymation)

Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS): Film Skills and Craft

Trinity College London: ATCL Diploma (Speech and Drama)

Production Stills

Testimonials / Reviews

Legally Blonde

“Jessica Fallico and her terrific cast and team deliver a bright, bold and slick, delightful extravaganza” (Sydney Arts Guide)


"A tight and slick production." (Stage Whispers)

“Jessica Fallico’s direction led the cast through the story, and each character had their own quirk that made them different and actual people on stage, not just characters. The audience had a lot to react to!” (Susana Danielle)

“The mammoth 49-person cast was engaging and realistic… and could effortlessly compete with the West End production.” (Weekend Notes)

“This is one of those rare instances where a stage musical derived from a movie is as good as – if not better – than that movie. And this staging by Packemin Productions at Riverside Theatres totally does it justice… This is premium level theatre.” (AltMedia)

Mamma Mia

“Any jaded feeling of “Mamma Mia! Here we go again” was immediately swept away by this high energy production with a cracking cast, that had people whispering in the foyer that they enjoyed it more than the recent professional season.” (Stage Whispers)

“Slickly co-directed by Jessica Fallico and Jordan Vassallo… the production vibrates with energy and dynamic enthusiasm.” (Sydney Arts Guide)

"The end of Act 1... is jaw droppingly executed. The show's camaraderie, particularly amongst the female characters, really brings out the hidden gems in ABBA’s lyrics. The bows had the audience on their feet and belting out Waterloo. This is not the place for your cynicism or eye rolling. Just for one blissful evening - get into it. Packemin’s Mamma Mia is exuberantly escapist." (Theatre Travels)

“The joy expressed by both performers and audiences everywhere was on full display at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta for Packemin Productions’ Mamma Mia, co-directed by Jessica Fallico and Jordan Vassallo. Packemins’ Mamma Mia is simply good fun. In the case of Packemins’ Mamma Mia I will judge it purely by the entire audience who by the end were standing up dancing and singing with the cast during the final reprise. For a short time Mamma Mia was the site of a dream where the human community sang and danced together in the velvet lined rows of the Riverside Theatre.” (Theatre Now)

"Fans of supergroup ABBA won’t be disappointed in the latest revival of Mamma Mia!… It’s unimaginable what a daunting task it must have been directing such a huge cast, but it’s always impossible to falter a show which brings such joy to audiences." (Altmedia)

“Mamma Mia is a rip-roaring hit… which will wash you out of the theatre with joy in your heart, music that will not be denied in your head and the oddest instinct to chat with every stranger you meet, because they are all laughing too!  Uplifting and communal, the warmth of this transplanted Greek island will drive out the winter from your soul.” (Judith and Friends)



"Directors Jessica Fallico and Craig Stewart have created a production that has heart and conveys those crucial takeaways unfettered. Their work has resulted in a highly entertaining piece that brings the Shrek story to life imbued with meaning." Theatre People)

“Co-Directors Craig Stewart and Jessica Fallico have brought a fun and enjoyable production to the Riverside Theatre. With Shrek’s target audience being primarily children, a sense of play and pantomime is felt throughout the production.” (Susana Danielle)

"This production had a packed house – full to the brim in a 761-seater venue – and was drawing rousing cheers from the multiple generations of audience members that eagerly filled and lively energised the theatre space. People of all ages tapping to the tunes, laughing with the humour, and responding to the heartfelt emotions on display." (Theatre Now)

"Co-Directors Jessica Fallico and Craig Stewart have gathered a large cast to bring this story to life. They utilise more traditional theatrical stylings to indicate changing scenes and expressions of scale which is a refreshing change in an era of over engineered electronic effects. With the storybook tale, an almost pantomime expression, whilst remaining sophisticated and smooth, fits well with the story and allows the performances to be the main focus." (Broadway World)

"It managed to capture what made the source material so fiercely loved without diminishing it — at the end of the performance, it scored a standing ovation from kids, boomers, and cynical youth alike." (Junkee)



"In fact, one has to commend Tunks as well as the co-director Jessica Fallico, for how well written every character is within the plot and how no character feels like a redundant pushover in a play that has a fair share of strong characters” (Sydney Scoop)


“What I loved about Bitch was the exceptional casting" (Weekend Notes)


“Co-Directors Tunks and Jessica Fallico have ensured that the cast present an honest and realistic expression of the family and work situations that unfold... they convey a good understanding of their characters, infusing an individuality to the roles and subtly expressing that secrets are being withheld, drawing the audience in to want to have questions answered” (Broadway World) 


It’s always a worry when the playwright is also the director and in the cast, but Co-Director Jessica Fallico has tempered the possible self-indulgence” (Sydney Chic)


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Grant Leslie @ PerfectImages Photography

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